Ford Flex Design Features Sure to Turn Heads

Why is the Ford Flex being recognized as a popular midsize SUV? Design features you would expect in much more expensive vehicles are packed into the new Flex in abundance.

One of the more unique design features in the new Ford Flex is the Vista Roof. The panoramic design of the sunroof gives occupants the opportunity to see all around easily. The unique design and exceptional craftsmanship in the Vista Roof transform the ride. The roof can be fully opened or tilted forward easily.

It will be hard not to notice the new Ford Flex coming down the road. The 19-inch wheels come with magnetic paint, the headlights are blacked out, and the rear spoiler really adds a sporty look to the car. Other design details in the sports package include front grille, skid plates, and mirror caps.

Come to Fox Grand Traverse Ford and you can take out the new Ford Flex for a test drive today.

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