How to Keep Your New Ford Looking New When You Don't Have Much Time

You bought a new Ford from Fox Grand Traverse Ford a few months ago, and you haven't washed it since. It's brand new, so you don't need to clean it right away, right?

That's when your mom calls, and wants you to pick her up for brunch. This very morning.

Suddenly, you're looking at your "new" car through the mom-lens, and it's like you're seeing every dusty surface, and every empty fast-food soda cup on the floor for the first time. You're picking her up in 10 minutes—what do you do?!

Take a deep breath.

Even if you're crunched for time, there are easy ways to get your car looking showroom-fresh again in minutes. Autoblog Details suggests focusing on a few critical areas:

  • Removing trash & clutter in the cabin
  • Quick-rinsing the paint
  • Dressing the tires
  • Shaking out the floor mats
  • Cleaning the windshield
  • Wiping down the center console

This should be enough to have it looking freshly-detailed, unless you have a shedding dog or creatively-destructive children. Even so, taking care of these six "hot spots" will have you in much better shape for facing mom's scrutiny.

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