Battery Failure Signs You Should Watch Out For

Your battery is one of your most important car elements. Without it, your vehicle would not start. Unfortunately, batteries are not always on the maintenance list. You should be getting a battery inspection as a part of your car's regular maintenance. You should also keep your eyes out for signs of trouble.

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Here are a few things you should watch out:

  • Fading headlights or a horn that sounds quieter than usual.
  • Your car struggles to turn over when you start it.
  • The check engine light turns on and stays on.
  • The car battery has a swollen case, may be leaking fluids, and is giving off an unpleasant smell.

If you think your battery needs repairing or replacing, do not hesitate to visit the service center at Fox Grand Traverse Ford in Traverse City, MI. Our certified mechanics can discover any battery problems and suggest repairs or a replacement.

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